The Bharat Swabhiman Overseas, Inc. is an international, non-denominational and non- political association of the individuals – drawn from among the Indian Diaspora and the Publics in which the said Diaspora resides- who will educate the wider publics about India, its glorious past, turbulent present and future role for world peace, balance and stability as envisioned by H.H. Baba Ramdev. It shall engage in activities amongst others (not specified here):

1. Promoting individual, societal and global physical, mental, and spiritual health through Yoga, Pranayam and vedic principles;

2. Emphasizing personal and professional integrity in every walk of human endeavor;

3. Encouraging unity and harmony amongst all human beings;

4. Ensuring the preservation and promotion of India’s heritage and spiritual ideals as the genuine foundation for lasting global peace;

5. Organizing seminars, dialogues, conferences, lectures, think tanks, newsletters, magazines, professorships, etc. in order to build national coalitions and reaching world –wide audience;

6. Developing special programs aiming at education and involvement of younger generations in these efforts.

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